Farty Rush

Independent Game
Sponsored by: Y8

Farty Rush is a funny parody game that is all about the worst side of the consumerist lifestyle. Run as fast as you can, collect all those deliciously treats, avoid all the obstacles and fart you way up to reach those delectable feasts! Have fun!

Quantum Patrol

Independent Game
Sponsored by: Miniclip

Following a catastrophic war that swept over the entire world, mankind founded a new alliance. Its sole mission? To maintain peace and order.

Now a shady syndicate is secretly building weapons in violation of everything the alliance stands for, possibly using data stolen from memory banks all over the globe.

Epic Charlie

Independent Game
Sponsored by: Amor Games

Climb between narrow and challenging spaces.
Run using almost all your energy while you dodge the steaming cannons that keep on firing behind you. Fly in a rocket and skip the deadly traps while skillfull enemies chase you along a land of fantasy and mystery.

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